Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm Tired and I Blame Becky Wade

I came home from ACFW with a big stack of books to read and added it to the already huge pile in my bedroom (sidenote: this drives my non-book-loving husband crazy). My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade was on the top of the stack, so I grabbed it and jumped in.

I've started several books in the last few months that just didn't hold my attention. I don't know if I've become more critical the more I've learned about the craft of writing, or if I just haven't picked good books. But I've trudged through the first 2-3 chapters of several stories hoping to be hooked, but instead I got bored and gave up. I hate that because I know how hard it is to write a book. I really appreciate all the effort that any author puts into a story, and I want to love every single one. But I don't.

I was almost nervous to start another book for fear it wouldn't hold my attention, either. But My Stubborn Heart did not disappoint. Becky Wade created the best kind of characters--the kind that make me wonder what they're doing when I'm not reading (Is that weird?), the kind that make me stay up late turning pages.

Just one more chapter.

No, for real this time. One more chapter.

I just had to get to the happily-ever-after between this tortured hero and spunky heroine. The loss of sleep was worth it.

Don't you love it when you find a book that captivates you? What's the last book that kept you up late?


  1. Oh, I LOVE books like that. I've heard good things about this one, so I think I'm going to have to put it on my wish list.

    I remember Jenny B. Jones's Just Between You and Me really kept me reading. I didn't want that book to be over. Love it!

    1. Jenny B. Jones is on my list to read. As much as I love reading her posts on Twitter, I know I'll love her books!

  2. Ahhh, I do that far too often! I have the one on my Kindle...but I have sooo many other books too.

    The last book I stayed up late with was Veronica Roth's Divergent series.

    1. Ooooh, I've heard lots of good stuff about that series. Gonna have to check it out.